A photograph of the rooftop of a house with a mountain landscape as a backdrop in an Autumn/Winter setting

How to Prepare Your Roof for the Autumn/Winter Season


As August draws to a close and the nights are darker for longer, it is time to start considering how to protect your property for the coming autumn/winter months. Here at GJ Smith Roofing, we have compiled a list of four aspects which should be considered for you to properly prepare your roof for the autumn/winter season.


Regularly inspect your roof

The roof is often a component of a property that can be forgotten about until a serious issue arises. To ensure that you are ahead of any roofing issues during the autumn/winter season, carry out a comprehensive roof inspection before early October to keep an eye out for roofing issues such as blocked gutters, loose tree branches, and roofing decay.


Check for leakage

After a particularly heavy rainstorm, it is a good idea to check your roofing interior for any puddles of water, mould, or wet insulation. If you notice dampness, it could mean that a leak has sprung or that there is a loose tile on your roof. All of these problems can be easily amended to ensure that you can prepare your roof for the autumn/winter season.


Trim surrounding trees

Fallen branches from surrounding trees could impair your roof by blocking gutters or by causing unnecessary damage. As the trees begin to shed leaves and debris over the autumn/winter season, trim the trees which surround your roof to minimise any potential damage caused.


Check for animal damage

It is no secret that animals can be a huge problem for roofs. From nesting birds to nosy squirrels, critters are often not welcome in roofs. If you have come across animal damage and have taken the correct steps to evict the nuisance, block up any holes which could have been used as an entrance for the animals to make sure that nothing can get back in over the autumn/winter season.


GJ Smith Roofing has the expertise to be able to offer effective roof repair in order to prepare your roof for the autumn/winter season. If you’d like to talk to a professional about fixing a damaged roof, get in contact with the team today by calling 01582671185.